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Told from his perspective as he watched his son’s descent into drug addiction, the story provides important insights into the warning signs of addiction. Graceland, a novel by Chris Abani, is a colorful, cacophonous story of a father and son, addiction, and seductive American trappings in post-colonial Nigeria. Elvis, a teenage Elvis impersonator, hopes to make his way out of the ghetto. Broke, beset by floods and beatings by his alcoholic father, and with no real job opportunities in sight; Elvis is tempted by a life of crime. Thus begins his slippage into the dangerous underworld of Lagos, guided by influential friends and accompanied by a restless symphony of voices. With little help and the desperate pull of crime life nipping at his heels, Elvis must find his way to a Graceland of his own. A poignant tale, which demonstrates beautifully the idea that no matter the reckless path where we stray, we must ultimately save ourselves.

Richard Rohr connects the idea of surrender to God with healing from addiction in Breathing Under Water. Based on the 12-steps, this book addresses the brokenness people feel in all different areas of life. In this self-help book, Drop the Rock is a guide to adjusting character addiction recovery books defects that keep many from recovering. Written by authors Bill P., Todd W., and Sara S., this 2005 book speaks in detail of applying the 12-steps to our lives of recovery. Also by David Sheff, Clean promotes the idea that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing.

Natural Rest For Addiction: A Radical Approach To Recovery Through Mindfulness And Awareness By Scott Kiloby

May be written from the perspective of someone who has struggled with addiction or the perspective of the parents or friends of people who struggle with addiction issues. This guide offers a fresh new take on how the process of change within one’s self begins with self-awareness and commitment to a daily plan.

In addition, we can often refer you to facilities that charge on a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare or Medicaid. If you have health insurance, you are encouraged to contact your insurer for a list of participating health care providers and facilities. The ways we as a society view this mental health disorder change frequently. Interspersed with stories about the family is information about the changing beliefs and research. While that can be distressing, the book is ultimately hopeful. It highlights the brain’s remarkable ability to learn, adapt, and change—in addiction, but also in recovery.

Codependent relationship and not get caught in an agonizing relationship again, then this book is suitable for you. Here’s a book that addresses both issues in a five-point, one month plan to begin the process of healing.

How To Break Your Addiction To A Person By Howard Halpern

She does not recover in any straightforward way from worry, obsession, or attempts to control her brother or – obviously – the narrative, but she makes her way towards a kind of serenity. Hen we hear the word “recovery”, especially alongside “literature”, we tend to think of books on alcoholism or drug addiction. But humans recover from all manner of trials and they do so in ways that defy the traditional arc of addiction lit – a hero’s journey through denial to rock bottom and back up again. MATClinics are outpatient Suboxone treatment programs located in Maryland in Laurel, Dundalk and Towson. MATClinics provide monthly maintenance medication assisted treatment in addition to personalized addiction case management. MATClinics programs are provided in a doctor’s office setting. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, MATClinics is here to help.

Book Review: ‘Silenced No More,’ by Sarah Ransome – The New York Times

Book Review: ‘Silenced No More,’ by Sarah Ransome.

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Each one has experienced hard times during their 20s and now wants to make things right. The book reads more like a set of four portraits of characters coming together in a town that has been ravaged by the recession, addiction, suicide, and hopelessness, all with their own forms of escape and return. Debut novel from Nico Walker who wrote it while incarcerated for bank robbery. The honest and accurate portrayal of addiction and withdrawal has led to it being called the “first great novel of the opioid epidemic”. SMART Recovery is a global community of people and families working together to resolve addictive problems.

Rewired: A Bold New Approach To Addiction And Recovery By Erica Spiegelman

Addicted to someone, you may not be aware that your mind is constantly trying to deceive you to stay in the relationship. This book will help you recognize these addictive patterns. Combining behavioral interventions with brain function research, the strategies and treatment suggested in the program are designed to overcome the biological factors that cause addictive behavior.

addiction recovery books

I believe this is an excellent read for any recovering addict. It can help change how we all feel about the expectations placed on us. We are all important and are put on this earth for a specific reason. The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations evaluates quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. Footprints has the Gold Seal of Approval, which means we possess the highest standard of safety and quality of care. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is a nonprofit professional society designed to offer support to organizations across the continuum of care. Since 1978, it has extended resources, advocacy and thought leadership to its members.

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She also explores new approaches to treatment, including the LEAD program in Washington State. Maia delves into brain chemistry, the physiology of addiction, and the effect of drug abuse politics on society. Setting boundaries is healthy for the family member as well as the addict.

addiction recovery books

Her beloved habit of overdrinking and staying until bars closed, however, meant that her nights and the following mornings were also all about her regular blackouts. Hoping to make her dreams a reality, Michelle Tea recounts her awkward attempts to gain literary fame as she smokes, drinks, and snorts her way through San Francisco.

Lit: A Memoir By Mary Karr

Explores the role of family therapy in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse. Explains how family therapy sessions are run and who conducts them, describes a typical session, and provides information on its effectiveness in recovery. If you have no insurance or are underinsured, we will refer you to your state office, which is responsible for state-funded treatment programs.

We think as we’re getting sober, in spite of the fact that by the time we quit drinking, we’re not typically leading very glamorous lives. The reminder that sober life need not be ascetic or dull is welcome to seasoned veterans of recovery and newcomers alike, but I think the blueprint here for an abundant life of pleasure could be useful for anyone. In those stories, the decision to get better often arrives like a bolt of lightning, but this is rarely the case. My own recovery from codependency and alcoholism, which I write about in my memoir Good Morning, Destroyer of Men’s Souls, has felt elusive, circuitous, and sometimes rather boring. Since I don’t love the word “journey”, I prefer to think of it as a kind of endurance art, the term performance artists give to work that requires long periods of hardship, solitude or pain. There are many well-known autobiographical books about people’s own struggles with addiction.

This autobiography leaves no gruesome detail out of one woman’s personal story of opioid addiction, imprisonment, blackmail and her journey to recovery. Sitting by idly with nothing to do can be dangerous, especially when you are finding your way through addiction recovery. “365 Ways to have Fun Sober” offers fun suggestions for every free moment you may have through the year. This guide to filling your time with sober activities will get you moving and fill your day with exciting, enjoyable activities that do not need the assistance of drugs of alcohol. In addition to these books, view our list of recovery podcasts to support you in the lifelong journey of addiction recovery. Although self-help books do offer some important benefits in recovery, they should not be used as a replacement for traditional forms of addiction treatment.

12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery By Allen Berger

This holistic approach to healing helps build a healthy support system and create a personalized addiction treatment plan. An English comedian, actor, and radio host, Brand has been an outspoken recovery advocate due to his own struggles with heroin, alcohol, sex, and food addictions. As part of his activism in the recovery community, he opened a nonprofit coffee house in London operated Drug rehabilitation by people in abstinence-based drug abuse recovery programs. Early recovery is a challenging time, but it’s one filled with important and exciting revelations about yourself, your addiction and your life. Here are five must-read books about addiction recovery you can keep on your nightstand to give you a little extra inspiration as you learn to navigate your new life of sobriety.

addiction recovery books

Gain practical knowledge in this science-based work by clinician and psychiatrist Adam Bisaga. In this work, Bisaga explains why opioid addiction requires a unique treatment approach compared to other drug dependencies. The book also details various methods of treatment for opioid addiction and how to select the right method for yourself or a loved one.

This book is a helpful guide for everyone whose life has been strongly affected by the disease of addiction. Filled with exercises and self-tests, the book is immensely helpful for the individual who has lost himself or herself in the continuous story of a loved one’s addictive behavior. Codependent No More offers practical advice for regaining one’s individuality. So often in drawn out battles of substance abuse, family members fall into familiar rhythms of place an imbalance of energy – for better or worse – into the addicted loved one. Codependency is dangerous for healthy treatment and addiction recovery practices, so we’re grateful for this liberating book. Sometimes we are asked what are the best books on drug/alcohol addiction we recommend to clients?

If there is one book that has changed my life for the better, this is it. Although not a book written explicitly for addiction and recovery, the tools explained in this book can help anyone improve their general mood. The book contains 12 chapters, each covering a different aspect of the recovery process. It provides real-life success stories from people who have conquered their addiction. A tale of survival more than recovery, Díaz’s memoir is about unlearning the powerful ideas we are raised with – in this case, that violence and chaos are normal. Díaz writes of her childhood in a public housing project in Puerto Rico and, later, Miami Beach, and an adolescence marked by “juvenile delinquency” and marred by violence, addiction, mental illness, and abuse. Díaz’s resilience – and success – in the face of mighty obstacles registers as part luck, part strength, and part audacity.

  • Trained information specialists answer calls, transfer callers to state services or other appropriate intake centers in their states, and connect them with local assistance and support.
  • Some books talk about addictions in general while others are written specifically for a particular addiction in mind.
  • Ryan Hampton is a former White House staffer and opioid addict who is now a national recovery advocate with ten years clean.
  • She is a Christian, as am I, and I often battled in my head with being a Christian and being an alcoholic.

In this extraordinarily candid and revealing memoir, Knapp offers important insights not only about alcoholism, but about life itself and how we learn to cope with it. A memoir of unblinking honesty and poignant, laugh-out-loud humor,Blackoutis the story of a woman stumbling into a new kind of adventure — the sober life she never wanted. A raw page-turning memoir spans Tiffany’s life as an active opioid addict, her 120 days in a Florida jail and her eventual recovery. The Gifts of Imperfection, written by Brené Brown, is a motivational guide to finding one’s true self in order to achieve true beauty. By cultivating feelings of self-worth, this author promotes whole-person wellness and personal growth. Dopesick by Beth Macy is another big seller in America today. A brand new book, Dopesick covers the opioid crisis from its very beginning to current times.

addiction recovery books

With beautiful prose, Miller’s memoir is about recovering from a lifetime of difficult relationships and a home situation that seems desperate at times. Still, there is redemption at the end of the road as she details a complicated yet loving relationship with her parents, despite the odds. The time I left our slanted rooftop apartment in San Francisco’s Castro district with its stained yellow tiles and foggy view of the city to ride in an ambulance to a psyche ward, I kicked meth for good.

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