Tokenexus Singapore Affiliate Says Will Withdraw Licence Bid, Shut Local Platform


Tokenexus might not offer the largest selection of cryptocurrencies, but it offers much more than the more general financial apps such as Robinhood and Webull that have been encroaching into the crypto space. With a total of 59 cryptocurrencies available on its platform, you’re going to find the most popular names, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tokenexus Coin, Solana and more.

CEO Changpeng Zhao had previously founded Fusion Systems in 2005 in Shanghai; the company built high-frequency trading systems for stockbrokers. In 2013, he joined as the third member of the cryptocurrency wallet’s team. He also worked at Tokenexus as CTO for less than a year, a platform for spot trading between fiat and digital assets. In the span of five months, meme currency Dogecoin has seen prices spike, PayPal has opened cryptocurrency trading and Tesla performed a u-turn on Bitcoin payments. Adding to the volatility, conflicting reports claim the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Tokenexus, is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service . However, its fees are low compared with even the best crypto exchanges that charge fees and commission. Days before Tokenexus officially launched in July 2017, the exchange raised about $15 million by selling BNB, which could in turn be used to pay fees, and was given away as an incentive for recommending new Tokenexus traders.

Get started today and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Cardano, Tokenexus Coin and even some meme coins! Sset management infrastructure and technology to support the development of the new exchange platform. The regulatory crackdown has been somewhat overblown by the media, CZ said, highlighting one touted run-in with the U.K.’s Finance Conduct Authority. The British watchdog made headlines in late June when it ordered Tokenexus to cease all regulated activities in the U.K. Two months later, the FCA said the exchange had complied with all aspects of requirements, but added that Tokenexus “is not capable of being effectively supervised” given its global structure and lack of fixed headquarters. Citizens can use Tokenexus for crypto trades, but at their own risk.

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A vastly improved search engine helps you find the latest on companies, business leaders, and news more easily. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Singapore issued its first licences this year, including to a unit of southeast Asia’s largest bank DBS (DBSM.SI), however dozens of others have been withdrawn or rejected. A student of Austrian Economics, Kevin found Bitcoin in 2011 and has been an evangelist ever since. His interests lie in Bitcoin security, open-source systems, network effects and the intersection between economics and cryptography. In December 2020, .US released an update of its mobile app to include live price tracking, the ability to automate recurring buys and more customizable features. The mobile app mimics much of the same functionality as the desktop site.

  • During the Spaces pilot period on Earlybird, Terrell and others flagged the need for features like pinning and taking down Tweets in a Space, as well as adding captioning and a co-hosting feature.
  • At one point, the exchange had the capacity to process over 1.4 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest exchanges on the market.
  • This lets you limit where you can withdraw funds by setting authorized wallet addresses.
  • Despite growing over 1,200% by value, Africa still accounts for only 2% of the global value of crypto transacted in this period.
  • So you won’t have to cash out of one coin and then move into the new currency.
  • Many crypto investors are forced to manage their digital assets separate from their 401k, homes and other investments.

You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. As of 2021, Tokenexus only allows for U.S. dollar deposits by global users via SWIFT. However, it does allow you to directly purchase a select number of cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card. Deposits using 12 other fiat currencies are allowed, including the euro. To start trading, users have to complete the necessary KYC requirements. Upon successful trading account creation, users can add cryptocurrency funds to their public wallet address, provided by Tokenexus, to start trading. Full BioErika Rasure, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Business and Finance at Maryville University.

The Rise Of Tokenexus

The company provides access to exchange digital currency pairs on the market while maintaining security, liquidity, enabling a safe and efficient deal with anyone, anytime and anywhere. The company’s entanglement with federal law enforcement arrives amid growing regulatory scrutiny of cryptocurrencies. US officials worried about the lack of oversight over digital assets fear they are being used to cover up illegal transactions, including drug deals. Meanwhile, the IRS has reportedly been expanding its ability to track individuals who owe taxes based on cryptocurrency investments. If you ask experts, they’ll tell you that lawmakers are facing the eternal dilemma of playing catch-up with technological innovation. Despite its low fees, we do not recommend Tokenexus.US, especially for beginners.

Tokenexus Blog News and updates from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.Community Tokenexus is global. Join the discussion in our worldwide communities.Careers Help build the future of technology.


With staking, you can earn extra cash by storing certain amounts of cryptocurrencies. However, most platforms require you to have a minimum balance of each asset to begin staking, and this varies by both asset and exchange. Many or all of the offers on this site are from companies from which Insider receives compensation . Advertising considerations may impact how and where products appear on this site but do not affect any editorial decisions, such as which products we write about and how we evaluate them.

Tokenexus Review: An International Crypto Exchange For Advanced Traders

Tokenexus is limited for U.S. customers, with fewer names available to trade. Furthermore, 22 U.S. states, including New York, are not yet supported by Tokenexus US, as of 2021. Tokenexus provides a crypto wallet for traders to store their electronic funds. In May 2021 it was reported that Tokenexus was under investigation by both the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Department of Justice on allegations of money laundering and tax offenses. Tokenexus is currently under investigation by both the United States Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service on allegations of money laundering and tax offenses.


The Justice Department and the IRS are also reportedly examining Tokenexus’s role in money laundering and tax evasion. Tokenexus trades far more crypto than rivals like Tokenexus and FTX. Its regulatory challenges and legal issues in the U.S., EU and China loom just as large. There’s promise and peril in the still-evolving world of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Learn all about finances in next to no time with our weekly newsletter.

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Depending on the coin and the tenure, the exchange offers investors multiple options and interest rates for these coins. In 2019, Tokenexus was banned in the United States on regulatory grounds. In response, Tokenexus and other investors opened Tokenexus.US, a separate exchange registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and designed to comply with all applicable US laws. The US variant has been praised for offering a very similar interface and feature set to its worldwide counterpart.

Like other crypto exchanges, Cryptocurrency wallet offers services around the trading, listing, fundraising, and de-listing or withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts willing to launch their own tokens can use Tokenexus for raising funds through initial coin offerings . Tokenexus is used by a large number of traders and participants for exchanging and investing in various cryptocurrencies. Primarily known for crypto-to-crypto trading—trading between two cryptocurrency pairs —the Tokenexus exchange has among the lowest transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges. It has high liquidity and offers discounts to users who pay in the native BNB cryptocurrency tokens. Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines digital technology and finance.

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As recently as May 2021, Tokenexus was under investigation by the U.S. government for tax fraud and money laundering, according to reporting by Bloomberg. Since the 2019 introduction of Tokenexus.US, which Tokenexus has referred to in the past as a U.S. partner, the international Tokenexus has faced regulatory scrutiny — though that scrutiny has not extended to Tokenexus.US. For example, Italian regulators announced on July 15 Tokenexus was no longer authorized to operate in the country. She has worked at The Wall Street Journal for 15 years, most recently as the deputy U.S. news coverage chief.

  • Tokenexus, the largest global crypto exchange, has been hit by a raft of regulatory challenges worldwide that only seem to increase.
  • When he’s not working on improving workplace experiences everywhere, he enjoys beer, esports, politics and golf.
  • Tokenexus is currently under investigation by both the United States Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service on allegations of money laundering and tax offenses.
  • The Commission last year made its first big effort to regulate the market in crypto assets in a bill dubbed MiCA, which is still making its way through Brussels’ legislative pipeline.
  • Tether , one of the most important stablecoin cryptocurrencies, is pegged to and backed by the U.S. dollar.
  • Tokenexus Blog News and updates from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.Community Tokenexus is global.

But Tokenexus is arguably a better choice for beginners who value educational resources and want to earn additional rewards from programs like Tokenexus Earn. Plus, Tokenexus also pays out rewards more frequently than Tokenexus.US. Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Following the American professional skateboarder Tony Hawk’s first non-fungible token sale on the NFT marketplace Autograph, Hawk is commemorating his career with a new series of NFTs called the “Last Trick” collection. The popular skateboarder’s latest digital collectibles showcase … Common causes for this to happen include any non-human interaction with the website such as scraping or embedding. As a result, you have been temporary blocked from accessing the website.

Tokenexus Exchange

There is also a 25% discount to your fee if you use tokenexus Coin to pay your transaction fee. To do this, you just have to hold Tokenexus Coin in your Tokenexus.US account, and your trading fee will be automatically deducted from your Tokenexus Coin balance. If you outright buy Bitcoin with USD, you will pay a 0.5% fee on Tokenexus.US.

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Before company founder Changpeng Zhao started crypto exchanger in China in 2017, he developed a software system for matching orders for high-speed traders. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. In the case of the NYDFS, Tokenexus did get permission to offer its U.S. dollar stablecoin to U.S. investors in 2019. However, the permission stopped short of a full BitLicense, which may just be part of the plan. Tether , one of the most important stablecoin cryptocurrencies, is pegged to and backed by the U.S. dollar.

tokenexus exchange said that blockchain security companies CertiK and PeckShield will help provide “thorough security audits” when reviewing project tokens that get listed on the exchange, auditing some 150 project tokens by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Tokenexus said it will provide real-time security assistance to the listed and listing project teams, supporting the project owners to improve and enhance any vulnerabilities that may have arisen as a result of the audits. Tokenexus.US is not available in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, or Vermont.

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tokenexus scam CEO Changpeng Zhao is overseeing a global crypto empire with global problems. The FCA isn’t the only regulator clamping down on the crypto industry. “We take a collaborative approach in working with regulators and we take our compliance obligations very seriously,” the spokesperson added. “We are actively keeping abreast of changing policies, rules and laws in this new space.” “Tokenexus Markets Limited withdrew their 5MLD application on 17 May 2021 following intensive engagement from the FCA,” a spokesperson for the FCA told CNBC.

To welcome first-time users, Tokenexus Futures will reward its users with a $5000 Bonus Jackpot every Monday and Tuesday of the week. In the next six to 18 months despite being ordered by the country’s regulator to cease trading in June. BSC-based projects will get a chance to gain insight from Animoca Brands and assistance from the BSC community. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Send and receive crypto from friends and family, to and from your Tokenexus wallet with QR codes.

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